Coming down from the Christmas high.

Christmas is already over. Just like that. Christmas Day should contain something like 37 hours. The whole WEEK between Christmas and New Year's should be a holiday, really. Coming down off the holiday high is impossible. One minute you're home, surrounded by family and good food and three straight days in pajamas, and the next you're hitting snooze on your alarm before heading back to work. REALITY IS HARD. Which is funny because reality wasn't hard before Christmas. It's like Christmas slipped a drug in all of our drinks, and suddenly now we're all depressed and unable to function.

It was another good Christmas, and I came away with a brand spankin' new Garmin Forerunner (the 310XT, for those who speak Forerunner language). I named him Donald, and I love him so much. I logged something like 3,480 miles on my last Garmin (for real), so I'm hoping for just as much out of this guy. So far he has 7 miles under his belt. We've got some work to do.

But now I'm taking baby steps back into the post-Christmas real world, and even my new pink, sparkly nail polish isn't helping. My apartment feels all empty (it's not), my Christmas tree looks sad (it isn't), and there is not a thing to look forward to in the foreseeable future (except the weekend). I have officially crashed and burned into winter. Here I am, winter. Take me. My small blip of hope is my upcoming birthday in just more than a month. THIRTY-ONE YEARS OLD. Whew, that seems unfathomable.

I am excited for a new year, however. They're so brand new and shiny. What will I do? Who will I meet? What will I have? What won't I have? I feel like I'm personally ending this year almost exactly how I ended 2011, so here's hoping 2013 at least ends with a lottery win, or something. Mayhaps a tropical vacation. It was a good year, but I'm positive 2013 can be better. I shall make it so!


With all of that said, 2012 did give me an amazing job that I still love and that gives me much to look forward to in the new year. I also made great new friends, and had plenty of good times with the old. I am lucky in all of those ways. So here's to the last week of 2012, and a quick return of Christmas 2013! Until then, more pajamas.