Color me jealous.

I had two perfectly good tickets to the matchbox twenty concert tonight. Two perfectly, wonderful, viable, guaranteed-to-get-me-a-good-look-at Rob-Thomas tickets. For three months I've been preparing for this, my inaugural matchbox twenty concert.

I was ready. It was going to be awesome. And Rob and I were going to have a moment. I just knew it. What a beautiful man.

And then it snowed. And the National Weather Service began calling for 20 inches of snow, and all around me snow emergencies were falling into place. There was no way I was going to make the hour-and-a-half drive and not die.

I had to bow out and throw the money I spent right out the damn window. It felt a lot like taking my wallet and starting it on fire. With everything inside. Not to mention the devastation of not being able to see matchbox twenty.

My heart, it hurts.

But Farrah just called. From the concert. (Bitch). (Just kidding).

"Your song is on!" she yelled through the ruckus of screaming and music. "Listen!"

And sure enough, it was my song. One of my all-time favorite songs ever, Back 2 Good. And she let me listen to the whole thing. I heard it clearly. And for just a second, it felt as if maybe I was there.


It was good.

So there was no Rob Thomas for me tonight. But Farrah now holds a special place in my heart for allowing me a listen to my favorite song.