Cold shower.

We are the very first tenants of our apartment. Everything is brand new, which is comforting, because now I can safely take a bath without wondering whose ass has been on the floor of the tub prior to mine. These are things I worry about, yes.

But speaking of bathtub and showering and water and daily hygiene rituals, something funny happened this morning. Funny like no one turned on our water heater. And so I showered in ice cold water this morning.

I use the term shower loosely. Because really, all I did was stand in the tub, splash water on my private places, and lather on some soap, because there was no way on God's green earth I was going to stand under a shower of ice water.

I think someone once told me this was called a French shower? Or something. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm in high spirits that our hot water will be fully functional by the end of the day, because if not, my other body parts, like arms and legs, etc., are going to get angry.

They like to be washed, too.