Claustrophobic. Also: rant.

Here's how my summer has been: Gone. Every weekend. Visiting this friend. Or that friend. Or another friend. Or so-and-so's in town. Or such-and-such is going on. "Visit ME!" "Me!" "Over here!" "But what about ME?" "Krista!" "I haven't seen you in SO long!" "COME VISIT ME!" You know what I did last weekend? Not a goddamn thing. I did not leave Madison. Except once. To go to the beach with my FAMILY. You know, the people who birthed me? Raised me? Kept me alive all those years? Yeah, them. I miss them sometimes. You know who else I miss?


Sometimes I want to do what I want to do. Sometimes I want to do NOTHING. Sometimes I want to be in Madison. Sometimes I want to sit on the couch with my boyfriend because I have one and I can and get over it. Sometimes I want to make new friends. Sometimes I want NO friends. Sometimes I miss my friends from life before the Internet. Sometimes I wish I could keep everyone separate. Sometimes I wish I didn't know so many fucking people. Sometimes it's all kind of too much.

And sometimes I need to let it all out in a long-winded, passive-aggressive blog post, then quietly remove myself from the Internet and go back to my corner of the world.