Christmas-Shopping-Stressed The Hell Out.

Make it end!


In one week, it will all be over, right?

I love me some Christmas, I do. It's my favorite time of year ever in the whole land. However, nothing feels very Christmas-y as of late. No presents under our tree. No Christmas lights on houses in The Middle. No hot cocoa, no Christmas music, no stockings, no Mom, Dad and Kenny G Christmas CDs.


Plus, I'm stressed the Hell out. I want to be done with Christmas shopping, or my lack thereof. I can't afford to do much, but dammit, what I CAN afford, I don't know what to DO with. What if Dad thinks his presents suck? What if Mom thinks I suck? And more importantly, The Sister will probably TOTALLY think I suck. The Fiance already KNOWS I suck, hence the suck-tastic Christmas ornament I bought him (per our arrangement) that he will probably be like, "Seriously? Suck."

The Sister is the only one I have left to shop for, and I want to CRAWL IN A HOLE. We have placed each other on extremely high pedestals. Pedestals that clearly state, in bronze lettering, "You two will always, ALWAYS, get each other the coolest presents ever. Always. Amen. P.S. I'm not kidding."


I have lost all creative flare. I have exactly THIS-MANY ideas of something fabulous to get her. Oh? You can't see how many fingers I'm holding up? That's because I'M NOT HOLDING UP ANY.

Also, somehow moving to The Middle has made me EXTREMELY less well-off financially then entirely expected. I will blame it on Christmas. Right? But this is me, smiling, and telling myself it's alllllll worth it. You know, living on $15 per week after filling up my gas tank 5.3 times a week, spending more on groceries than I've ever spent since leaving the nest to take care of myself, and paying for cable and internet, which I haven't had to do since last spring.

Ha. Haaaa. Wheeeee. I LOVE LIFE!