Dammit, I love Dawson's Creek. Every girl needs a Pacey Witter. Man, he is chivalrous. He just punched a guy in the face for hurting the love of his life. And he meant it. He's so... sigh.

I am a sucker for chivalry. Honest chivalry, not machismo. Maybe it's old-fashioned, and I hate to consider myself old-fashioned. But who doesn't want to be protected? Defended? Who doesn't want their heart held in the palm of someone's hand? Tightly. And carefully.

I do! I do!

God, I sound like such a girl. I promise to quit soon. Once I'm done swooning over teenage romance.

I think I'm just feeling fragile and delicate, and have watched entirely too many back-to-back episodes of season three today.

I'll be back to my regularly-scheduled, cynical self very soon. Swear.