Cheers from Lansing!

So, I made it to Michigan in one, whole piece. Barely. A five-hour drive turned into a seven-hour drive, thanks to the blizzard that I caught up with at the Michigan state line. Nothing like driving 32 miles an hour for four hours. I have sore forearms from gripping the steering wheel. Or from the 100 push-ups I've been doing daily. Either/or.

AJ and I just got back from a 12-miler through Lansing, etc. It was MAGIC. Sigh. How I missed my favorite running partner. The snow hampered our abilities a bit, but we're troopers. And we ran through the Michigan State University campus, which totally made me wish I went to a Big 10 school and had something neat to brag about. But alas...

We're about to head out for the day and meet up with "Alili" of Running down a dream. We'll drink some coffee, compare blisters. You know, the usual. Add one more Internet friend to the list!

Also, AJ has the most incredible dog e-v-e-r. Claude is a pretty fantastic New Foundland, black labrador mix. He's pretty much a gigantic puppy, all 60 pounds of him. And he's still not done growing. I've taken pictures galore, and will post them once I get home.

We've made out a lot, too. It's how I roll.

Here is a preview of what's to come. Until next time, happy Easter, friends!