Chapter Two.

So, I didn’t intend to keep you crazy kids waiting this long, I swear. But man, that did some work on my page hits! Way to refresh the page! Over. And over. Let’s start from the beginning. It was cold and snowing. Dad was shoveling, mom was eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was February 1982.

KIDDING. Not that beginning.

Six months ago.

Six months ago I made a decision. A big one. Moving home, close to family, was an adjustment. A good one, mind you. Want a home-cooked meal? OK! Mom and dad are five minutes away! Want to walk the dog? Soak in the hot tub? Lay on the couch and watch DVR’d programming? Scavenge for food on lunch breaks?

OK! Thanks, mom! Thanks, dad!

It’s been great.

My family is a close one. We get along, contrary to popular belief. I talk to mom on the phone more than once a day. EVERY DAY. When my taillight goes out on my car, MacGyver dad fixes it.

(FYI, dad, my front turn signal is out now, too!)

We do things together. Spend time together just because. I love my family, more than I love my cats, even. THAT IS HUGE.

(Shhh. Don’t tell Chicken).

For the past six months, I’ve gotten quality time with them during a time I needed it most. Sure, we’ve had rough (and by rough I mean awful, horrible, don’t-make-me-do-it-again) patches, but at the end of the day (or week), we’re family again. It’s how we roll.

I’ll miss the almost-daily interaction. Swinging over to their house after work for a quick run on the bike trail and a home-cooked meal. Stealing celebrity rag magazines from mom and rolling on the floor with the dog.

Because yesterday I was offered a job. In a new city. And I’m taking it.

This is my chance for the rest of my life to begin. I’ve been in a transitional phase for six months. Transitioning from a life I thought I was meant to lead, into a life I now know I am supposed to follow. However different. However difficult.

This is the chance I’ve been grasping for, desperately.

I won’t be alone, either. I’ve got amazing friends to welcome me, and an amazing city to reintroduce myself into. I’ll still be a reporter, I’ll still write, but the door to career opportunities in my future just opened, wide.

And let’s not forget the significant pay increase. Hallelujah. Those of us in the journalism world understand two things: we will never be rich, and when a good job opens up, TAKE IT.

So I am. Because I like money. Hi!

And so this is it. Chapter two of life. I hear it’s going to be a good chapter, but I will not give away any spoilers. I hate when that happens.