Capitol life.

So, Madison is different. It's not foreign to me. I've spent plenty of time here. But actually living here is new. So far, so good.

My pals set me up in a furnished attic, and I've created my own little nook for myself and the cats - who are just fine, don't worry.

Went for a run yesterday. Six miles, finally. I took a mental health hiatus of sorts from my training, and I'd say it's about time to get back on it. Besides, the weather is gorgeous. But I hate to get spring fever so early, because I know this is just a tease.

I took a whirl around capitol square this morning for a meeting, and am slowly adapting to the bustle of downtown Madison. Everyone is just kind of relaxed here. Went to a coffee shop filled with every sort - students, professionals, me.

One drastic flaw I've found in myself is the fact that apparently I left my Ugg boots at home. Am I the only one not wearing Uggs? Am I socially inept? The verdict is still out on that one.