California, here we don't come.

Dear The OC,

I am unnerved to hear of your cancellation. I never watched you as of late. As a matter of fact, the only episode I've seen in recent history is the episode in which you KILLED MARISSA. Not that I really liked her, I mean, she was kind of a waif, but still, you kind of deserve this.

And I'll be honest in coming forth with the knowledge that the episode in which you KILLED MARISSA is one of only a handful of episodes I watched last season. I only watched it because you KILLED MARISSA, and, well, I had to see that.

I didn't really mourn her loss. But I find her death to be the equivalent of killing Meridith Grey, and that would be unforgivable. And I bet Grey's Anatomy would be cancelled, too, given the show's namesake, and all. Or perhaps it's similar to offing Justin Timberlake in the height of N'Sync's popularity (in, what? 1998?), which would have been their demise, as well.

I will, however, mourn the loss of Seth and Summer. Sigh. Mourn. I liked them.

In the meantime, The OC, you should probably think about what you've done. You know, that part where you KILLED MARISSA. Maybe this would have turned out differently.

I Totally Watch Grey's Anatomy, Instead, On Thursday Nights