Brew City Soundtrack: a review and guest blogger.

(Editor's note: So, I went to a concert with fellow (former) blogger, mroutsideboy. Yes, I said former. If you'll please note, his blog has DISAPPEARED. But in other news, he's much better at writing things like concert reviews and articles about high school sports. He's also much better at things like Grand Theft Auto IV and scouring the Internet in its entirety, in one sitting, but that is neither here nor there.

Anyhow, we now call him robertbrendan, so please write that down.

He has come to Conversation With Myself this evening to do the hard work that I am too lazy and unmotivated to do: a review of the show. Here are my thoughts: the show was good, the venue was too hot and my feet hurt. But he's much more eloquent.

So without further adieu, I bring you robertbrendan and his witty repartee.)

I came from Chicago, she came from Madison. We came for Motion City Soundtrack, Panic at the Disco and to a lesser extent, for the theme song from the O.C.

I came from the Windy City because my uncle was ordained a deacon and the star of this blog came from Madison because she ran 26.2 miles for fun (and a shiny medal) earlier in the day.

After our respective religious experiences, we met in Milwaukee. Faced with the prospect of two hours with nothing to do in Milwaukee, we did what any logical people would do: Head to the nearest Taco Bell. Krista, having never seen the menu, needed at least 10 minutes to decide what to order. From there, we indulged on the finest Mexican food this side of Wisconsin Avenue.

Satisfied but a tad thirsty (despite my plea to "Let's slam a water before we go" because I'm a rock star like that) we headed dutifully to the Rave.

Yes, that Rave. The one that attracts emos the way a broken heart begets terrible poetry. Sorry... I was just having an emo moment there.

First band: Phantom Planet. Yes, they sang "California" from the O.C. Seeing as how that's one of the greatest shows of our time, I was willing to give the rest of their songs the benefit of the doubt, until I heard the first one. Then I quickly decided I did not like them and informed them from 65 feet away that they should, in fact, "Play California!" Krista's feet were in a lot of pain at the time so I'm not sure if the wincing was from the series of oozes blisters on her feet or from PP's attempt to be screamo.

Aside: DO NOT purchase "VIP" tickets from the Rave. I thought we would have a nice seat in the house for our marathon runner, but alas, buying a VIP ticket is just an excuse to pay an extra $5, look for seating that doesn't exist, and encounter the Rave's rude staff. For sadists, perhaps it's worth the $5.

Second band: The Hush Sound. I was actually excited to see this up-and-coming group. Hits like "Wine Red" and "Crawling Toward the Sun" are like Ben Folds meets A Fine Frenzy meets Fall Out Boy. They were also produced by Patrick Stump. The one song I recognized sounded fine, but they just weren't dynamic. It felt like a piano recital. Krista (whose feet were bleeding by now) commented that the female singer was getting on her nerves.

Aside: So we visited a downstairs bar to pick up some free, refreshing tap wat...wait what? A cup of water is $3.50? GFY? I was crafty and got some ice cubes for free. Those came in handy for not only precious hydration but also for sneak ice attacks to the neck.

Third Band: Motion City Soundtrack. Now we are talking music. MCS was naturally awesome, because that's what Motion City Soundtrack means after being translated into English. I wanted to go into the middle and bash my body against other people who felt as strongly about the music as I did. But then I realized I'm 23 and also realized Krista's feet had now been reduced to bloody stumps after the VIP plan backfired. But everything was alright. The music was so good Krista even danced a little. I did the requisite head bobbing, fist pumping and singing-of-lyrics-I-know (which was all of them). The highlight of it all was obviously "The Future Freaks Me Out" and it should be noted the crowd knew the words to that one better than they did to any Panic song.

Aside: The makeup of the crowd: 50 percent tweenage to 20 year-old girls, 25 percent the boys they dragged along, 10 percent angry Rave staff, 5 percent drinking parent chaperones, 5 percent book reading chaperones, 5 percent under 10, Krista, and I.

Another aside: We break down. Krista buys water. It's the fastest anything worth $3.50 has been drunk. We cherished the remaining ice cubes like Miley Cirus will cherish her topless photos years from now.

Fourth band: The biggest question is how Panic would pull off the two different sounds on their two albums. They did pretty well. It seemed natural. That's because they didn't put a lot of electronic flourishes into the old stuff, making it seem more organic. So, one second they're all rocker and angry like and the next, bubbles are falling from the ceiling during a new track.

They were all angry and emo-ish (that's for Krista) for awhile but then: Look! Bubbles! (also for Kritta). They didn't play "Intermission" which is one of my favorite songs of all time, but they did play "Folkin' Around," which you should all check out. They also played "Northern Downpour," for their final song, and coincidentally, it started freaking pouring outside. Buckets and buckets of rain, along with thunder, lightning, and the rest of God's fury. Another religious experience at our doorstep. So we left.