Big things to come, people!

So, in exactly six days I will have internet at The Apartment. ME. INTERNET. Reunited at last. And not only that, but TELEVISION. Actual cable with real shows and real, live reception. But that's neither here nor there.

What this means is I can f-i-n-a-l-l-y blog from home. From the comfort of my very own desk in my very own bedroom on my very own computer. Hello, hi, this is so exciting. Clearly blogging and reading are my life. And also The Fiance. And, you know, The Cats, family, etc. But INTERNET? Internet is my blogging kingdom. And it shall be back.

And with that comes the return of photos on Conversation With Myself. Actual photos. Of me, my things, The Cats, not The Fiance because he is top secret and you can't see him. (Actually, he's not even real. I made him up. The past six months have been a lie... Or, no). However, so many pictures I may or may not have promised to show you can finally be shown.

For example, remember that time I dressed up as a nurse straight out of Whore University for Halloween and subsequently got arrested for urinating in an alley? I have PICTURES! And those beer bongs that led to said arrest?? Photographic proof! Our Apartment? I have pictures. And the Christmas tree we may or may not put up tonight, if God has a soul and has not let them all be sold out at every store we shop? PICTURES.

Oh the good things that are to come. Just you wait.