Big pimpin': Teecycle

OK, so I've been meaning to pimp this project for a while. You may all know Tim. Tim's got many a blog, but you'll find most of him over at Training With Tim, formerly an MKE blog, but as you know, well, MKE is almost no more, which is another shitty story for another day.

But he recently (and by "recently" I mean "a long time ago, but I'll say recently to make it look as though it didn't take me months to mention it") created teecycle.

It's pretty much a genius idea. Tim and Co. round up used, vintage t-shirts - at thrift stores, rummage sales, from strangers on the street (maybe?) - take pictures of them, and sell them on his Web site for $7.

Tim wants more teecycling going on, and has coined the phrase, "reduce, reuse, teecycle." How many new shirts do we really need out on the streets? I mean, really. Why do you need to spend $25 on a new shirt at (insert trendy store here) when you can wear this for $7?

The project is going well. Tell your friends. Buy a shirt. For real. Hell, it's even for a good cause.

Besides, dude's out of a job. Support him and the cause. His wife can only be his sugar mama for so long.