Beep-beep-boop: book nerd alert. Again.

Um, it took me exactly three-and-a-half minutes to finish A Million Little Pieces. I LOVED IT. And I'm already halfway through My Friend Leonard. ALSO LOVE IT. And it certainly made no difference to me whether the events of the book are true. It was a good story either way.

It took me a while to get the hang of James Frey's writing style, which at first I HATED. The absent quotation marks in conversation drove me nuts. But I got over it. Especially as I was reading about him being strapped to a chair while having a root canal with no anesthesia.


So I recommend them both. I don't care that I'm not done with Leonard yet.

Depending on when I see mom again, I plan to read Me & Emma by Elizabeth Flock next. I bought it a year ago at the insistence of a certain friend (Lori, hi!) but have yet to read it. Mom just finished it (my copy), and said I HAVE TO READ IT NOW DAMMIT.

And so I will.

To bad I can't get paid to read.