Because who doesn't want to run a marathon?

Yesterday officially began marathon training, part two. Another 18 weeks of training. C-r-a-p. Of course on the agenda yesterday was "rest," so, you know, that's OK with me. In fact, I'll take "rest" as often as possible. I think "resting" will get me very far. Please? Anyone?

Alright, whatever. So today is three miles. And so is tomorrow. And Thursday. Friday is "rest" (yessss) and Saturday is six miles. And for those of you keeping track, I have to run a 20-mile training run on September 20. Huh. Fun. I've got the next 18 weeks of my life mapped out, just like last summer. Give me a date. Any date. Oh, August 5, you say? I have to run 12 miles. July 19? Five miles. Are you writing this down?

So for the next 18 weeks, you all pray to the little shin gods for me, and make sure my shins behave. Feel free to send my shins hate mail. Death threats. Flour in an envelope disguised as anthrax. You know, the usual. Keep them on their toes. Er, bones?

Also, write this date down: October 22, 2006. The Chicago Marathon is in exactly four months, one day, 10 hours and 38 minutes.