Because while you're here, sweating your butt off in mid-August, I'll be in Mexico, sweating my butt off with a margarita in my hand.

We booked our honeymoon this weekend.

The Fiance and I are o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-l-y getting married. Because, you know, before it wasn't official. Before it seemed like a super cool idea. Like, hey! Fun! Let's plan a wedding! And buy a dress! And argue over what to feed our guests! But now. Now we have a honeymoon planned. To Riviera Maya. To the Grand Palladium Colonial and Kantenah Resort and Spa. Yessss.

Now that we dropped $2,600 on a vacation (a vacation! Right after a wedding! Man, it's going to be a good week), it's all suddenly very real. And suddenly very only four months away. Four months. That might as well be, like, tomorrow. Because there is a lot to do.

All of a sudden we're talking about blocking rooms off at local hotels. And having the honeymoon (honeymoon!) suite booked for us at a (separate!) hotel. And The Fiance is getting fitted this week for his tuxedo (his tuxedo!). And Mom's planning food for my bridal shower. And we need to get party favors and centerpieces and make sure the pastor is still alive. (He's quite old, people). And what about a limo? We want one. Invitations? Seating charts? Gift registries!

I should probably sit down.