Because what else would you buy at Fleet Farm? Honestly.

We have extremely limited options when it comes to retail in The Middle. Allow me to provide a list:

Fleet Farm
Home Depot
Menards (in-the-making)
And so on and so forth

So now that we can build a garage, and potentially buy 70-percent-off candles at Kohl's, we're on a roll! And because I avoid Wal-Mart in much of the same way I'd avoid a head-on collision with a fully-loaded semi pummeling toward me at 74 MPH, I try not to count it as an option.

Fleet Farm is, literally, about 14 steps from our apartment door. Give or take a block. I find little use for riding saddles and Carhartt, but whatever. It's a store. And they sell cat food (and plows?). And The Cats? They were in need. So over the weekend we milled around Fleet Farm, where they sell car tires and board games next to Valentine's Day candy and waders. Because it took us a minute to find the location of cat paraphernalia (is it next to hunting rifles or kids' clothes?) we found ourselves in an aisle for the fishing enthusiast.

Next to over-sized, plush fish and fish head golf putters, we found the Holy Grail. No, we did not find the sarcophagus of Mary Magdalene in aisle 14. Even better. We found - wait for it - a bobble head trout. A trout figurine with a bobbling head.


I can't even believe our good fortune. I already told you about our affinity for all things trout. In fact, it's now reached a level in which we are finding ourselves considering the possibilities of legally changing our names to Thomas and Tashiki Rout, for no other reason than that in certain circumstances our names would both read: T. Rout. (Trout, duh).

And now we've found a trout bobble head. And of course we bought it (it was on sale for $1!). And of course it's sitting atop our kitchen counter in the midst of candles, a bamboo shoot and a photo from our trip to Myrtle Beach.

So we left Fleet Farm this weekend, not with patio furniture or a John Deere lawnmower, but with two items necessary for our very existence - Purina cat treats and a bobble head trout.