Because we are not a boring pair.

Dear Readers of The Blog,

First of all, I had my blind date with klh, and it was magical. I'm pretty sure we likely should've known each other years ago. And although she "says" she's moving to Pennsylvania next weekend (ahem, where they SHOOT the Amish), clearly she'd rather stay here and plan the remainder of my wedding.


So after story-telling, and taco-eating, and picture-sharing and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over wedding details, we're probably bonded for life. Especially since she's PLANNING MY WEDDING. At no charge, of course. (What? Do we charge our friends for favors? No, no we do not).

Anyhow, the meet 'n greet was fantastic, and once she convinces her soon-to-be-husband to quit his fantastic job in Pennsylvania, sell their new house in Pennsylvania, and after she quits the job she has yet to START in Pennsylvania, and they both search frantically for new jobs back HERE and find a place to live, I'm pretty sure all will be right in the world.

In the meantime, let me share with you a bit of our humor. Our communications back and forth consist of clever nicknames having to do with our professions, our relationships or our potential last names. Without further ado, here you have 'em:

Dear Girl-Who-No-Longer-Stresses-About-Jobs
Dear Stressed Out Bride
Dear Journalist Extraordinaire
Dear Queen Peeeeavler
Dear Encyclopedia Brown
Dearest Nurse Betty
Dear Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Attn: Dirty Old Man's Wife
Hey Cleveland Browns
Dear Brown vs. Board of Education
Dear Aunt Flo
Dearest Naughty Nurse Halloween Costume

Sincerely, How Now Brown Cow?
- The Queen
Fondly, Nurse Ratchett
With Great Regards, UPS: What Can Brown Do For You?
A bientot, American Nurses Association
TaTa, Brown Street
Off to check more things off the list, Spring Chicken
- - Florence Nightingale
Sincerely, Chocolate Brownie
With Deepest Gratitude, Bobby Brown

And I bet you totally had to be there, but hi, we were there. And it's funny.

Conversation With Myself.