Because this is how a serious conversation about death transforms.

"I am telling you something."


"When I die - "


"No, listen to me. This is important."


"When I die, I want 'Goodbye My Lover' played at my funeral."


"I'm serious. I don't care if I'm 90 and no one knows who James Blunt is, I want it played. I could die tomorrow and - "


"No, seriously. I could die tomorrow, and you're the only person I've told. This is important. Dad doesn't know who James Blunt is. He doesn't care."

"OK, fine."

"Better yet. You could get James Blunt to play it at my funeral."

"(Pondering) OK. (Pause) But then we'll probably make out."

"Ew. He's not even good looking."

"Eh. A little..."

"No. He looks like a weasel."