Because it's our debut as an engaged couple.

The Fiance and I will be heading to our Hometown this weekend for Thanksgiving. It'll be jolly. Family togetherness, turkey, pumpkin pie, inevitably running into his Heinous Ex Who Already Tried To Ruin My Wedding.

You know, things of the like.

So in order to prepare for this, I've assembled Team Krista. There's only, like, three of us, but whatever. If ever you're preparing for a horrendous confrontation at a hometown bar, we are the three you want on your team. Yeah. Something like that. I mean, I suppose The Fiance is on my team, too, but, well, he can't do the same damage we ladies can.

(And suddenly I'm starting to feel like I'm 15. Don't tell anyone I actually assembled a Team Krista, and also that I have a battle plan for the inevitable Run-In).

Anyhow, in one corner we have Beth, Team Krista President and Bridesmaid. She's intellectual, she's blonde, and she can be really mean if she wants to. In the other corner, Jessica. Not only is she hot, but that girl could kick my ass with her eyes closed. I think she threatened once, actually. And then, you know, ME. And I'm the Bride. So, really, what more power do I need?

Of course in the LAST corner (the evil corner) we have The Ex. I don't know what else to say except, crap.

So, as I consorted with Beth about Team Krista, we carefully mapped out the damage we each could do, collectively, if faced with an ugly encounter.

"OK. So, you can hurt her with words, Jessica can hurt her with punches and I can hurt her with the big ol' ROCK on my finger."

I think that'll just about do. And of course, the only thing we need now are "Team Krista" t-shirts.

Ah, I love going home for the holidays. And immediately resorting to the life of a high-schooler.