Because inflation is injustice.

I found exactly 55 cents in my wallet last night.

That, people, is like hitting the jackpot. Do you KNOW what 55 cents can GET you? I'm a fan of Ye Old Vending Machine, and the majority of its goodness is available to my grubby, little hands for 55 cents.

Snickers, Skittles, granola bars, Butterfingers, God, himself. All for 55 cents. Pocket change. (Or in my case, that's like a week's worth of saving up my change).

Anyhow, I had my ammunition, and I was ready to take on the vending machine. Man, what do I want? Skittles? Butterfinger? So, I'm bumbling toward Heaven, and am about to deposit the first quarter, and... WHAT!?

SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS. The Skittles, they are clearly marked at 75 cents. I think, well, this must be a mistake. Skittles must have increased their prices. So my eyes stroll to the right, the Butterfinger. SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS.

Snickers, 75 cents. Starbursts, 75 cents. Crap I Don't Even LIKE, 75 cents. HELP!!

HOW CAN I GET ANYTHING FOR 75 CENTS WHEN ALL I HAVE IS 55 CENTS? This is injustice and WHY didn't anyone warn me and why wasn't there a vote? What about the Electoral College? A REFERENDUM? And WHO do I have to call to take on this issue?

I'm organizing a rally. I've already made protest signs. "Down with 75!" "55 is alive!" "55 or Bust!" "We're hungry and all we have is 55 cents, dammit!" Things of that nature.

I'll keep you posted.