Because I'm a girl, and girls can have conversations like this one to agree upon obscure things.

I had this conversation today, word for word via email, with a gal pal.

Now, Gerard Way is no Jake Gyllenhaal. He is no Jason Mraz. He is no Boyfriend. But he is Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, and we know how I feel about that band as of late.

Curiosity intrigued me, and inspired this short, yet simple, clarifying conversation:

Me: Is Gerard Way gay? Yes, that rhymed.
Pal: I think bi. But I'm not sure. I would bet he's not gay.
Me: Interesting. I'd do him.
Pal: Me too.
Me: Hot.

So now you know. You can thank me later.

(Photo: do an image search on Google of "Gerard Way" and go to town).