Because I was bored. Nevermind that I was also driving.

I have 3,225 songs on my iPod. My sweet, sweet, lovely iPod.

On Friday, during my highly boring drive to The Fiance, I thought, "Huh. Wouldn't it be fun to put all 3,225 songs on shuffle, write down the first ten songs that play, and blog about them?"

I totally thought that. But no, it wasn't really fun. But I did it anyway, and here you have a scary, yet honest, look into my shuffled musical tastes. Sort of:

1. 'N Sync: You Got It
Oh man. Well, I wouldn't be me if I didn't have EVERY 'N Sync CD ever created on my iPod. Hey. Back off. I was, like, 15. And obsessed. And who cares if I saw them in concert five times and wondered how "Krista Chasez" sounded in real life. JC was so dreamy. Until that one time he started singing about "All Day I Dream About Sex," and turned into a scuzbag.

2. Lifehouse: Everything
Ah, so far my iPod is doing well. Lifehouse. First time I saw them in concert was Sept. 10, 2001. You may remember that as THE NIGHT BEFORE terrorists ruined the country. I saw Lifehouse in Milwaukee with my new roommate, and we loved them every second after. And Everything? Only THE best love-y song to grace my ears. Almost. OK, it's a close tie amongst many.

3. Elliott Smith: Shooting Star
OK, I'm not gonna lie. The only thing I know about this guy is that he stabbed himself in the heart, and wrote some good music. Or something. And I borrowed Mr. Smith's CD from a friend, who insisted upon it. I've yet to be impressed. Give me time. It will come.

4. Pete Yorn: Murray
So, my 'pod isn't doing a good job of representing my musical choices. Pete here is another CD I borrowed from another friend. He's not bad. Haven't listened enough to decide. But I'll give him two thumbs up. And, uh, Murray, too.

5. Modest Mouse: Black Cadillacs
Oh, sweet Modest Mouse. These guys are one of The Fiance's favorites, and grace my iPod for solely that reason. I don't hate them. Some of their songs I actually love. This one? I don't know it, but my iPod does, apparently. But any music of The Fiance's can be music of mine.

6. Michael Jackson: Smile
It's about time. Michael Jackson. He was fabulous in and around 8th grade, when Beth and I believed he was the best thing since CD players. And I'm pretty sure he STILL IS, people. Anyhow, this song will forever remind me of My Girl 2, when Veda is watching old home movies of her dead actress mother. She's singing this song in the home movie. Michael Jackson does it much better. Rock on, MJ.

7. Saves The Day: Hold
Uh, I've got nothin.' This is another one of The Fiance's CDs, and unlike Modest Mouse, I have yet to listen to much of it.

8. Mariah Carey: Joy To The World
This is not happening. Ha. Remember that one time I said I was listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas music? I wasn't lying. Although Mariah is a whore-and-a-half, she used to rule. And her Christmas CD? Seriously? Best ever.

9. Hoobastank: Out of Control
Oh, I'm embarrassed. Seriously. I DID enjoy Hoobastank once upon a time, and still do on occasion, but seriously. Please do not judge me based on these select 10 songs. There's 3,215 more on my iPod.

10. Nickelback: Too Bad
Oh, me. I apologize, once again. However, I did love them once. And saw them live, and it was awesome. But now? Eh. Maybe if I'm angry and need something loud, and vocals by a man who looks strikingly like Jesus Christ.

The end.

I must say I'm disappointed in my iPod's ability to fairly and accurately represent my personal musical selection. It took until the 57th song to get some Jason Mraz. FIFTY-SEVEN. Of the over three-thousand songs on my iPod, 74 of them are Jason Mraz. The "shuffle" option needs to give Mr. Mraz a little more love than that.