Because I want one of her.

Because Dooce is my new favorite blogger, and because her daughter, Leta, should be the poster child for Most Fabulous Small Child On The Planet, you need to read her latest post.

A quick blurb (this is really the best part, so feel free to not read the whole thing if you're lazy):

" ...Because she hasn’t been sick very often we haven’t yet learned how to prevent it from shutting down the rest of our lives. The whining and moping and ABJECT DISAPPOINTMENT THAT LIFE MUST CONTINUE TO BE LIVED, they are the reason I have an ongoing muscle spasm in my top lip. Every time she loudly complains that her clothes, they are touching her body, the left side of my upper lip starts quivering and then recedes disgustedly to show the whites of my incisors and canines, like the first time I was forced to look at a penis. She doesn’t want to sleep but also doesn’t want to be awake, and could someone please explain to her why? Why are those her only two choices?... "

(Photo: Leta, courtesy of