Because I promised this video to a certain grandma I know.

Skylar isn't much of a stranger around these parts. She's made an appearance a time or two on this very blog. She's cute, I guess. If you're into snuggly babies. But, you know me. I'm really more into punting kittens and defacing private property. JUST KIDDING.

I love her. 

I haven't seen her for several months. I'm sure she's driving by now, which is funny, because the last time I saw her she wasn't even crawling. In fact, she sort of skipped that crawling part of life. Instead, she scooted. On her butt. All over the house.

And now she's walking.

Sigh. Just a short-lived phase.

However, lucky for 18-year-old Skylar of the future, who probably hopes to one day go to prom and meet boys in college, I have footage of just such a scooting expedition. And without further ado:

(By the way, her laugh will kill you dead).