Because I needed it.

I will have you know that I don't have a Christmas tree. I don't have a Boxer. But I DO have a Boxer Christmas tree ornament.

I'm preparing, people, for the day when I might HAVE a Christmas tree. And also a Boxer. And when it comes time to trim the tree, we don't want little Matilda feeling left out of the process.

I will also have you know that Matilda will have her own stocking. As will The Cats, and any potential future children. The Fiance and I will, of course, have the Master of all stockings because, well, we are the bosses. And what we say goes.

I plan to learn how to knit. (I know. Knitting. Reading. The library. Loser). However, WHEN I learn how to knit, maybe I'll knit my furry, and also potential human, family stockings. Because that's special. And when all things furry and not furry have matching, knitted stockings, crafted by yours truly, you will all be jealous and think, "Dang. I should have NEVER nagged her about learning to knit. And reading too much. And also peeing in alleys."

And on Christmas morning, as Matilda sleeps ever so peacefully under the tree, The Cats continue to plot my death because, WHY is there a DOG in this house? and The Fiance is golfing, or something, I shall stare at my furry family, my knitted stockings, and my Christmas tree and think, "Thank God I bought that Boxer Christmas tree ornament."