Because I like to hear myself talk.

First and foremost, I need to direct all of you to Something To Look Forward To, so I'm not the only person left wanting to cut themselves. Erin posted her thoughts on 9/11, and in her post from this afternoon included YouTube videos of footage from the attacks. Do you like how I direct you immediately to a blog other than mine? If you'd like to see the worst video, click here. Oh, and here.


Anyway, moving on.

Jeremy got himself a fancy new car last night. A 2008 Mazda 3. You can go ahead and color me jealous, because that's what I am. And in about 183 years, when I am fully out of debt and the loan on my current method of transportation is paid off, perhaps I'll have a new car, too.

Until then, cheers to living the low life. Lowlife. Get it? Sigh.

Speaking of lowlife, did I mention the new bookshelf and entertainment center we have? Because had I the proper anatomy, I'd have a boner every time I walked into the living room. So many shelves! So many books! So much TV! And books! And books!

And I'm a nerd.

So I really don't have anything profound to say at this time, as you're now well aware, so I'll leave you with this:

Where Are The Dogs