Because I just got goosebumps over and over.

So, five people I "know" have gotten married in the past two weeks. Another one gets married this weekend. I say "know," because, well, it's a blog thing. And only two of the six are people I have literally spoken to in real life. Outside of emails and blogs.

And each of them have blogged about their wedding day. And seriously. SERIOUSLY. I got goosebumps. And I can't WAIT for my own day. And this post will really only appeal to the ladies because we like this sort of thing, but really, read these Wedding Day Posts. And if you don't get goosebumps, you have no soul.

First up, Tim and Jess over at The Tim Show: Read their story here.

Next up, Stephanie and Ushwin of Stefiny_Lynn: More happy love here.

And Nikki and Jon from Better Off Wed: Read, read read.

Of course, Erin and Dave of This Is Life: It rules because I was SO there.

My pal KLH-P regaled her story to me via e-mail, and you totally can't read it. But I promise it was good.

And ANOTHER Erin and Dave, who are OH-SO-EXCITED this week because their big day is coming up this weekend. Read all about at Play In The City once the big day comes.

Sigh. I love love. And you better BELIEVE I will post about my big day. Which is in exactly nine months and 17 days.