Because I can promote whoever I want to.

Hi. Again.

So, eFriend Farrah burned a copy of the new Maroon 5 CD for me, and that is awesome. It came in the mail today in a bubble envelope with lots of happy stickers pasted all over it. So, everyone go over to her new blog and give her muchos kudos. Because anyone who burns me sweet new CDs is an A+. Hint, hint.

Oh, and dear FBI, I was just kidding. Farrah went to the nearest Target and actually purchased the new Maroon 5 CD for me. Thank you for your concern.

Speaking of nothing, also go to Play in the City, which eBFF Erin recently resigned from, at which point she started a new blog. Anyway, Blog Newbie KarenC was handed the reigns. And by the way, she's cool. So go there. And read about Milwaukee. And make nice. Because, us? The faithful Play in the City readers? We don't like haters. We bite.

Good night.