Because her and I need to go out for coffee.

Stephanie Klein is my new BFF. And I can write about her every day if I want.

No, I don't know her. Do I need to? Can't I just call her up and say, "Yeah, hey, Steph. It's me. Coffee? 15 minutes? I'm there."

No? All I can do is comment on her blog? Just like the rest of the free world? So she can read all 182 comments and think, "Who, please, are all of these freaks?"

OK, that'll work.

Anyhow, this particular post is my favorite. I couldn't have written it any better. It's my mind, summed up in her words. It's long. But if you're female, you'll appreciate it. If you're male, you'll have a better understanding of females. Or you'll think your girlfriend is crazy. Or you'll swear off women. If you're The Roommate, you might cry. If you're me, you might think, "Did I write that?"

I should have. Enjoy.

(And P.S. She's writing a book. I will own it).

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