Because f-ck cancer. #TeamPaxton

I don't know John Andrews. I don't know his wife. I don't know their 3-month-old son, Paxton. Does that matter to me? No. John is the kind and very well-respected personal trainer to many of my good friends in Milwaukee. He and his family need our help. Today I'm posting the email I received from my friend Sara, and amazing, selfless woman for 4 billion reasons I simply don't have the space to include here on the internet. 

Read. Help. In any way. Thank you.

Family, friends, awesome human beings, I need your help.

My dear friend, and former trainer and physical therapist, John Andrews’ 3 month old son, Paxton was brought to the pediatrician’s office on May 8th for what appeared to be a common cold and possible eye infection. The doctors found cancer in several areas of Paxton’s tiny body. He has tumors behind his eyes and in his abdomen. The cancer has not spread into his ribs, and a biopsy of the liver was inconclusive, but appears to be simple celled (benign) at this time. The initial belief it that the cancer started in his head.

On his very first Mother’s Day, mom Danna held him as he received the first infusion of chemotherapy. Although his little body has been ravaged by biopsies and bone marrow tests, pic line, and drains behind his eyes, he is taking it all like a champion, his vitals remain strong, and he has eaten on his own a few times.

The doctors at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin have been working with pathologists around the country to confirm a specific diagnosis. They want to be 1000% sure before they deliver the diagnosis and prognosis to the family. We expect that in a few days time. The chemo had to be started ASAP because the tumors behind Paxton’s eyes are fast growing and time is not on his side.

Augie and I decided (with 100% support from Grace and Nora) that it takes a village to raise a child, and it is time for the villagers to report for duty to try and save this child, and other kids with cancer. We have started a group called Team Paxton to raise money for the family, raise awareness of childhood cancer and the need for research, and to raise money for the MACC Fund, The American Cancer Society, The Blood Center, Pablove, RACC, and St. Jude Hospital through a series of events and a sustained PR and awareness campaign. We have formed a steering committee of 10 people, and held our first meeting last night. The interest in the community has been overwhelming, and we haven’t even gotten our website up yet! (Hoping to finish it by next week.) We think that Team Paxton is going to help turn the tides in the fight against childhood cancer, and change the lives of many. We’re starting with Paxton, because we love him, and, as the villagers, he’s our baby, too.


Donate to Paxton’s Angel Network Fund. This fund goes directly to the Andrews family to cover out-of-pocket costs for treatment and care, lost wages, travel, second opinions, anything they need. Please, if you have it in your heart and in your budget, donate today:

Like our “Team Paxton” Facebook page and/or follow @TeamPaxtonWI on Twitter. This is where we’ll keep you updated on other events and activities that you can volunteer time, resources, or funds to support kids with cancer everywhere. (You can also visit Paxton’s CaringBridge site for updates from Uncle Jeff.

Share. Share this email, or the links, to your friends and family. Whether they can donate money, or they want to join Team Paxton, we want as many kind hearted folks as we can get!

Pray. Please pray for little Paxton.

Thank you. Thank you for being the wonderful family and friends that I love so much. And thank you for helping a little guy who needs an army to fight this battle.

I’ll eat you up, I love you so.




Nothing is impossible.