Because engagement has caused me a dilemma.

Don't tell anyone that I watched 27 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in six days. The entirety of season two, spread across less than one week.

I. Need. A life.

However, more importantly, I need season three to start. And, hi, it does. TONIGHT. The moment I have been WAITING FOR since May. I mean, Judas Priest, Denny DIED. And Meredith humped McDreamy. And she lost her panties. And that was so hot. The, uh, 'doing it,' not the panty-losing. Nonetheless, HELP. I NEED to see what happens next! Alex and Izzie and McVet and poor, poor Addison, who totally needs to get it on with McVet. And George and Callie, who is a beast. And Burke? And seriously. I need it. NOW.

And if I was a seedy, evil woman, I'd watch it at 8 p.m. tonight. Oh, I would. And I would sigh in happiness and joy, and laugh with greed all the while. But I can't. Sigh.

Grey's Anatomy is our "thing," The Fiance and I. Every Sunday night we gathered ourselves in bed and watched our favorite people do unfavorable things to each other. Scowl at Alex when he was a jerk. And cringe as George did the deed with Meredith. And cry like a little bitch when Denny died (OK, that was totally me. But seriously. Izzie. Did you SEE her?).

And now ABC moved the dang show to Thursdays, and hi, I don't get to see The Fiance on Thursdays. We are a "weekends only" couple (dammit). So this just threw off our whole game.

So we made a pact. We will tape the season premiere tonight, and we will watch it tomorrow night. Together. An ENTIRE DAY after the rest of the planet. And we will continue this routine until I FIND A DAMN JOB and can actually LIVE WITH MY FIANCE. And watch Grey's Anatomy. Together. Like normal people.

So at 8 p.m. tonight, while Meredith is getting looks from McDreamy and searching for her black panties and Izzie is crying herself to sleep and Callie is being a beast of a woman, I will be washing dishes. Or doing laundry. Or cursing the fact that I'm such an obedient fiancee and not secretly watching the show ANYWAY, and then pretending I'm surprised tomorrow night when I watch it with him.

Sigh. Obedience. No fair.