Because 358 days could come quickly.

So, hi, still engaged here. The planning has gone stagnant for now, but that certainly doesn't mean I can't blog about it, because it's my blog and I can write whatever I want, thank you. Very much.

Let me tell you exactly what I've heard over the past week, as our one-year-'til-the-date mark passed: "Oh my GOD, a year goes SO fast."

Oh, really? Thank you. Now, while we're on the subject, would you like to find me a cake, and flowers, order invitations, pick out the colors, find some ushers, figure out what to do with 150 people, craft centerpieces, pick out music, register for gifts, stress over bachelor/ette parties, fork over a couple thousand dollars, and then wake me up in 358 days so I can get ready?

OK, good. That's so sweet of you.


I do take comfort in the fact that I am nearly one of the last of my close gal pals to tie the knot, and maybe they aren't aware of this yet, but, hi ladies, I NEED YOUR HELP. What needs to be done now? What needs to be done later? What can we, you know, just skip over and hope it takes care of itself? And also, have weddings ever just spontaneously planned themselves?


Despite my melodramatics, I do feel we have a good handle on things. If by "good handle," I mean "I HAVE MY DRESS, YAY!" And also, a chapel, reception venue and photographer. But there appear to be so many minute details. And maybe you don't know this, but I am anal about detail. So anal, in fact, that I'm already stressed about vow-writing, and WHOSE idea was this again? Oh, right. Mine. Crap, me. I'm quite good with words, and I'm quite good at expressing myself with them, when they're written down, and don't have to be said aloud, in front of God, himself, and 150 other people.

Maybe we can just whisper?

"Pssst, hey. Hey you... Come over here, I have to tell you something."

Nah. Screw that. I'm sure at least some of those 150 guests will be there for the whole love thing, not just the free beer, so they can sit patiently while I use wit and charm and mighty power with one goal in mind - make the man cry. Ah, yes. It shall be done. Ain't love grand?

We've also recently toyed with the idea of soliciting one song request on each wedding invitation RSVP card, an idea I picked up from Nikki, over at better off wed. That way, each guest can offer a song idea, and once compiled, we'll at least be able to try and please everyone with our music selection at the reception. My cousin will be providing DJ services. His extensive music selection, coupled with that of ours, shall make for good times. I hope.

So there you have it. These are the things that I know. Which is nowhere near as long as the list of things I don't know.