Basically, this.

I am not good at arguing politics. Politics are not my thing. I get flustered, I lose my train of thought. Politics and policies and economics are, admittedly, big, scary words. But what is my thing is equality. Civil rights. Humanity. Love. All of those things. I did my studying this election season. I studied the issues -- what Romney wanted for America, what Obama wanted for America. Though I knew my support would follow Obama through to the homestretch, there was a moment I considered a third party candidate because, after research, I found he aligned similarly with many of my own beliefs.

But in the end -- and all along -- what it came down to was equal rights. Even now I can't put into coherent words my thoughts on why it matters so much to me. Why I get so angry when trying to defend it. Why anyone should have to defend it. However, this guy can and did. Please go to his Tumblr page and read the things he has to say, but more importantly, read what he had to say about the election.

I'll copy and paste his piece below, but this line is everything: "I don’t want to argue with you over your political views, but if you don’t believe in equal and civil rights for everyone then I’ll fucking argue with you until the day I die."

It's true. I would. Try me.

Here's the rest from "Beer Nerd." I believe in every single word. Seriously, don't mess with Big Bird, you guys:

If nothing else the results from last night prove that in order to become the President of the United States you to have to truly believe in equal rights for everyone. It’s almost 2013, not 1950. People will always disagree on political policies, and that’s fine. But disagreeing on civil and human rights? No

Barack Obama admittedly didn’t have a great 4 years, and most agree that he must do better; but his vision for equal rights is progressive and modern, not regressive and medieval. It’s why most of the world outside America wanted Obama to win. Civil rights and marriage equality are arguably the most important issues of this generation, especially in America. I’m not a political strategist, but I’m fairly certain that if you really want to be elected to public office in modern day America from now on (See; Todd Akin), and especially elected President of The United States:

You can’t tell women what to do with their own bodies.

You can’t tell homosexuals that they can’t marry the person they love.

You can’t dismiss the less fortunate.

You can’t have racist views.

You can’t tell 47% of the country to fuck off.

You can’t tell gay people that homosexuality is a sin and that they’re all going to hell.

You can’t make decisions and irrational justifications based on extreme religious (and outdated) views.

You can’t be part of party where your colleagues, on multiple occasions, publicly and embarrassingly dismiss rape for the horrible crime that it is.

You can’t kill Big Bird.

If you disagree with Obama’s political views that’s totally fine. That doesn’t bother me and never well. He’s not perfect. I disagree with a lot of what he’s done politically. In all fairness Mitt Romney had some solid ideas for America, but at the end of the day he had no intention of treating all people equally, and for me, (and more than 50% of America and most of the world), that was the difference.

This is about civil and equal rights for ALL. Congrats to Maryland and Maine for doing the right thing last night.

I don’t want to argue with you over your political views, but if you don’t believe in equal and civil rights for everyone then I’ll fucking argue with you until the day I die.