Back to normal.

So, I'm about settled here in my new old town, and I dare say life is back to normal. And that's quite a declaration, considering life has been everything but normal for the past, oh, eleven-plus months.  I love this town. Love it. It's so obviously my home that I want to take a sleeping bag to the sidewalk and make a bed because it's that comfortable here. OK, maybe I'll wait until summer for that and perhaps I'll bring a tent, but you know what I mean. 

Just last week weekend I met up with girlfriends for margaritas and tacos at my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant in the world, after attending the ceremonious lighting of the Christmas tree in the town square. There is a town square here.

And just a few minutes ago, MOB stopped by for a goodnight kiss (YES, just a kiss. And on the cheek, no less, for he has a cold I don't want to catch) before heading home to Fallout 3 (video game speak). Because he can. Because he only lives a mile down the road. So we can do that sort of thing. Pop in for quick hellos and kisses on cheeks.

And me, I got to spend the night in sweatpants on the couch watching Dawson's Creek episodes with Harley curled in the crook of my arm. All of this after a solo run through the campus neighborhood, and a trip to Walgreens for a bag of Sour Patch Kids. 

It snowed today, too. And the streets were white and familiar, and I swear to God I almost broke into song and dance.

I am happy. 

My job is to absorb myself in my passion, my passion is to run through the neighborhoods of this place that is my home, and my home is here - where I have my favorite man, my favorite girls and an electric blanket on my bed because you bet your ass I'm not paying to heat this gigantic apartment right now. 

Priorities, people.

And so I'm at peace. Finally. In a short month-and-a-half it'll be a new year, and most of 2008 can go shove it right up its own hole. 

And to 2009 I say this: bring it.