"Aw (expletive), dog."

So, I felt the need to share this mildly humorous, yet unfortunate, story.

Erin, Donovan and I decided to venture to "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration" today on our lunch break. The three of us piled into his Chevrolet Blazer, cruised to the airport, and managed to leave the event with more goodies than Ciara. (OK, total pop culture reference, I apologize. "My Goodies"? Get it? Anyone? No? OK. I give up).

Anyhow, after pillaging through exhibition tents and scoring loads of free stuff (i.e. water bottles, magnets, mouse pads, maps, model airplanes - I mean, whoa) we trekked back to the parking lot to head back to the office.

Suddenly, I notice the rear tire of the trusty Blazer is flat. Smooshed. Not goin' anywhere. And this is what followed:

Krista: Uh, Donovan. Dude. You have a flat tire.
Erin: Whoa.
Donovan: Oh, no I don't. (Very nonchalant. He proceeds to get into vehicle, as if Krista never opened mouth).
Krista, now puzzled: No. Really. It's flat.
Erin: Um, yeah, Donovan... (staring quizzically at flattened tire).
Donovan: (la dee da, goin' for a drive, not listening... still getting into driver's seat).
Krista and Erin: (tilt heads to side, stare at each other, now very puzzled as Donovan is completely unconcerned about tire, which is flat). Donovan...

And this is the point in the story when Donovan becomes aware Krista and Erin are not aliens from another planet, but actually human, and just maybe telling the truth about tire - still flat. And he walks around to other side of vehicle, at which point the magnitude of the flattened tire situation strikes him.

Donovan: Aw shit, dog.

And this is the point in the story when it's actually hilarious because Donovan, sweet, sweet Donovan, is the whitest homosexual boy from Kansas you shall ever meet. Polo shirt, khakis, glasses, the whole works. And he says, "Aw shit, dog." And that's it. That's all he had to say.

But, boy, can he whip a spare tire out of nowhere and change that thing like nobody's business. And he did. While Erin and I, being girls, of course, watched in amazement. And whined because, you know, it was hot. And we were sweating. And oh my God, Donovan, hurry it up.

And he did. And he saved the day. And for that, I just have to say, "Aw shit, dog."