At least I know I can count real good.

This is what I did last night:

Wrote my name and address on envelopes. One-hundred times.
Folded my Team In Training fundraising letters. One-hundred times.
Stuffed said letters into envelopes. One-hundred times.
Intricately placed glittered smiley-face stickers on envelopes. Three-hundred times.
(Hey. It's all about marketing. The more smiley-face stickers, the better my chances. Cough).
Stuffed self-addressed envelopes into larger envelopes. With letters. One-hundred times.

And then I did 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups, by the way. I did! A routine I will be maintaining from here on out until my wedding day. I need killer arms for my dress, dangit.

Point is, I can count to 100 real good. And tonight? I need to address those 100 Team In Training, stuffed, stickered envelopes to 100 lucky fools who I'm begging - pleading, please, help me - for a donation to Amelia. And my cause. And remember how I need to raise $3,800?


And I need to run tonight. Three miles. And again, those 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups. And Friday? I get 100 beautifully handcrafted wedding invitations that also need to be addressed to all the lucky fools who I'm begging - pleading, please, help me - to come to my wedding.

And when I have arthritis at the age of 31 (and killer arms and penmanship, by the way), this better all have been worth it, man.