I began this blog in 2005. Granted, it was the tail end of 2005, but it was 2005, nonetheless. I can't believe it's already 2008. This blog spans almost three years of life. Three years is insignificant when looking at the whole picture of 26 years, but in re-reading some of my older posts, I cringe.

My life has done nearly a 360 in such a short time. This blog is a permanent testament on the Internets as to how sporadic I am.

It's like looking back on myself during my high school years. I see myself in photographs, so blissfully unaware of what's ahead other than Saturday morning's cross country meet. I want to take her, that naive girl, and shake her.

WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T DRINK SO MANY CAPTAIN 'N COKES FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE, I'd say. Among many, many other things. But most importantly, I'd tell her she'd come out in one piece. The piece is a little disheveled and worn, but it's smart.

As I read some earlier posts I wonder if I'm still that person. And I hover above the "delete" key, tempting myself to remove the piece of history from the Internet.

The archives are a scary, scary place.

It makes me wonder what people who didn't "know me when" think when they wander upon the beginning of conversation with myself, and then flash-forward to now.

Do their heads spin?

I'm pretty sure the only constant has been The Cats, and thank God for them.

Could I start fresh? Could I delete this blog from its piece of the World Wide Web and start over? Pretend this is the beginning?

Sure, I could.

But this is who I am. That was who I was. And who I was made me who I am. And I won't hide from it. But if you ask, I might deny any of it ever happened.