No. This has nothing to do with the recent accumulation of multiple inches of snow and everything to do with THE BLACKBERRY OUTAGE OF 2009. Oh. MYGOD.

I once swore to never be that person. That person busy tip-tapping away at her goddamn BlackBerry while walking down the sidewalk. Guess what? I AM THAT PERSON. I'm that person and I can't help it! My BlackBerry is my connection to everything outside my skin. My e-mail. The Internet. Twitter. DailyMile. Friends. TWITTER. Did I mention Twitter? Because my blog used to be the happenin' spot for all my mindless chatter, but now it's Twitter. I'm all up on Twitter like it's my job. Hi, my name is Krista, and I love Twitter.

So. Last night. For the SECOND TIME THIS WEEK, BlackBerries everywhere went kaput. An "outage," they called it. Sure, we could make phone calls and send texts (as cell phones are meant to do), but we couldn't do anything that makes a BlackBerry a BlackBerry. INTERNET. EMAIL. TWITTER. BLACKBERRY MESSENGER. OMG. HELP. All gone.

It was sort of like the end of the world. And I wanted to TELL everyone it was the end of the world, but I COULDN'T ACCESS TWITTER.


My friends were sending me texts: "OMG IS YOUR BLACKBERRY NOT WORKING EITHER?"



It was a widespread panic. An epidemic. We were all reduced to the basics. We were people with only the ability to dial a phone or send a text message. We were... like normal people.

And it was awful.

And I hope it never happens again.