Anyone been outside lately?

Summer's here. By the way. This fact is made evident by the way I sleep three feet from a box fan. The fan's on high. And how I'm sweating right now. While typing on a laptop. TYPING.

See also: Why I Hate Wisconsin Summers, Albeit Short. It's 96 and humid in the summer, and 32 below in the winter. We get happy medium for about four days in October. Welcome to Wisconsin. You'll have a glorious four days.

And so to avoid my sweaty misery, I took my air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned movie theater to see Bradley Cooper.

Er, I mean, "The Hangover."

SO FUNNY. So, so funny. Words and blog posts cannot do it justice. And dear, dear Jesus, Bradley Cooper is sexy. Even dirty and bloodied.


Clearly I recommend it. Highly. If for no other reason than what you see above.

Hope everyone had a lovely Fathers Day yesterday with the men in their lives. I had lunch with the family. Always enjoyable. We girls ate steak, dad enjoyed his BBQ ribs.

Mom, seated across the table, glanced up at me. Then glanced up again.

"You're so CUTE," she says.


(Just kidding).

And then, "You have NO boobs. Where'd they go?"

GOD I LOVE FAMILY TIME. No, for real. I do. What fun is family if you don't get to laugh? And go home to stuff your bra?