Another year is coming, you say?

I just got a genius idea yesterday. Well, not so much "genius" as just an idea. That I had. But just go along with it, OK? A 2011 Bucket List.

Oh yes. Sort of like an actual Bucket List, only miniature. Also sort of like New Year's Resolutions, only on crack. I'm going to create a list of ideas and goals and activities I've always wanted to do that can reasonably be accomplished in a year's time. They'll vary from simple -- knitting a scarf -- to more creative -- plan and execute a mini overnight vacation, alone. I want to host a dinner party and learn to cross country ski. Some big, some little. All affordable, mostly reasonable. I want this to be the kick in the pants I need to try the things I let slip off my radar because I'm unmotivated or lazy or afraid.

Before this year comes to a close, I'll create an official list and put it on my blog as a page, where it will remain for all of 2011. I'll sit and stare at it and plan and execute and cross things off one by one until, hopefully, before the calendar strikes 2012 -- also my 30th year -- I'll be a hell of a lot cooler with fun new adventures under my belt.