Another weekend, another two days without Internet.

I struggle without Internet on the weekends. Contrary to what you may believe, due to how infrequently I blog, cough, I quite enjoy blogging. By the time Monday rolls around, my mind is bursting with blog fodder. It's sort of like when you shake a bottle of Mountain Dew, and the second you twist the cap - just a smidge - it explodes all over you.

(I think we can use several metaphors here, but this one'll keep it PG for all the kids reading at home).

That is me. Every Monday morning as my Web browser opens.

This weekend, of course, I'll be hitting the road on my bicycle for 175 miles, and there's no way I'll make it until Monday to fill you in on the state of my rear end.

So, I'll be tweeting. Twittering, that is. Tweeting on my Twitter?

You understand.

So pay attention.