Another day, nothing exciting to talk about.

I got a message from Mandy today. She was sad. Down in the economy dumps. Her and I need some girl time. She suggested riding our bikes and meeting in the middle. Unfortunately the middle is about 50 miles away. I used to live there.


I miss her.

In other news, I busted out some Yasso 800s today. Repeat half-miles at a speedy pace. I did four of them today at a 7:10 pace, which equals a half-mile in about 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

The idea of Yasso 800s is to run the repeats in the same (minute : seconds) time as your goal (hour : minute) marathon time. So, if you want to run a 3:50 marathon, run the repeats in 3 minutes, 50 seconds.

Runners World says it works. I say it can't hurt. I'm going to try and do these once a week, or until my shins explode, which inevitably happens to me as a result of speed work.

I apologize, again, for the absolutely gratuitous Twilight paraphernalia all over the blog.  But, well, it's my blog. So. Too bad?

In apartment news, my sister and I are still awaiting word on a potential place. It's a super apartment complex - with a pool, hello - two bedrooms, two bathrooms and all kinds of awesomeness. Now we're just waiting to see if any of the apartments will be available for us.


I don't ask for much.


Uh, what? I'm just saying.

Also, I keep seeing previews for the movie adaptation of My Sister's Keeper. I can't wait. That was once upon a time my favorite book ever. The movie will make me cry. Guaranteed. 100 percent.

I better go. I'm so thirsty right now I'm actually fantasizing about drinking. Dirty fantasies.

Good night, all.