And we had a moment, and it was special.

The topic of "Krista's Wedding" has been mostly unspoken of in or around the vicinity of The Sister, also known as The Maid Of Honor. The reasons for this are mostly unspoken of, as well. But, she's had a hard time, and my GOOD times aren't something I want to brandish in her face.

So things are better left unsaid. Which, unfortunately, sucks. Because, well, hi, she's my sister and also maid of honor, and I want to be able to squeal to her about yellow spider mums and the stress of growing out my hair. And also warn her I might vomit all over her at the altar because I'll be so nervous. Worse yet, irritable bowel syndrome will take over, and I'll dash from the chapel in tears because OHMYGOD this is NOT happening on my wedding day. But REALLY, this is all just too much information... and should be saved for HER. (So, hi, by the way, keep some Immodium A.D. in your bra).

So, anyway. Back to Things Unspoken. I didn't share with her the story of my engagement, or call her from the beach the night it happened. I knew she already knew, and left it at that. I was nervous to show her my ring, and never officially told her who else would stand up in my wedding. Many, various plans have been made, none of which I've spoken much about. To her. Duh, people, I tell YOU guys everything. Not that you ask. But I guess in my own way, this blog lets HER read about the plans in her own terms.

But she's happy for us. She is. She's told me. And, she's my sister. There is no part of me that doesn't believe she can't wait to stand up for her little sister and help Mom and Dad give me away. Like, literally, give me away. "Here, The Fiance, take her. We're SO done with this child." It'll be something like that, I'm sure of it. (I kid, people).

So, while inwardly, she lets me know she's like a proud mama, outwardly, it's better left unsaid. Because saying it out loud would be, like, ew, admitting we're related and loving and whatnot.

But the One Thing I Dare Not Speak Of is my wedding dress. When I bought the dress in JULY, literally, like eight seconds after he proposed because, people, I PLAN AHEAD, she didn't want to see it. I never asked again. Never sent her pictures. When I stopped by Grandma's last weekend to visit my dress (which sits her her closet) (oh, and I also visited Grandma), I didn't tell The Sister about the goosebumps that paraded up my arms when I opened the garment bag. I AM SO EXCITED. But I didn't share.

Yet, I went with her the following afternoon when she bought her dress for my wedding. And it was gorgeous! And she liked it. And this was the most wedding we've ever discussed. As we walked into the bridal shop, I couldn't hold it in anymore. My dress would be IN there (OK, not MY actual dress, but the dress, nonetheless) and I HAD to show her.

"Oh my God, I HAVE to show you my dress! Can I?!" I whined. I knew I was walking a thin line.

She didn't say anything at first, but then simply said, "No."

My heart sank for a second. Damn. I thought we were making progress.

"I want it to be a surprise."

And with those words, I knew she was being sincere. And I can live with that. And I want it to be a surprise, too.