And today she turns one.

One year ago today, other than the start of this very blog, an itty-bitty baby named Lauren Beth was born.

Say it with me: Awwww.

Here at Conversation With Myself we love Baby Lauren. Because I say so. Those who do not love Baby Lauren are voted off the island.

So on behalf of myself, and this very blog, I'd like to wish Baby Lauren a happy birthday. And Lauren, when you are one day old enough to read, and also realize I was only kidding when I suggested your mom hang you from a bathroom stall door, I hope you will read this, smile, and say, "Who the Hell is this crazy lady?"

Aunt Beth down in Savannah would like to say: "Lauren is the best niece ever. She is tough and flirty like her Aunt Beth, but sassy and smart like her momma. Dugan likes her because she plays with him and pets him nice. She is a keeper."