And then there was that mohawk.

Other than Sanjaya's peculiar choice of hair, there was really nothing to write home about on last night's American Idol. But really, the mohawk? I mean, Sanjaya, you're cute, OK. See, look at you. All little and 17 and baby-faced and pretty-haired and weighing 86 pounds soaking wet, but seriously? GO HOME.

It's really just getting uncomfortable now.

I think Blake and Gina had the standout performances of the night. Which is a nice change of pace seeing as though I love them. Chris Sligh, Phil, Other Chris, Haley? Eh. Melinda and Lakisha were good, as usual, but even that's getting old. I want to see them do something different. Jordin, for example, did well. She sang a crazy hard song - totally different than her previous performances - and she pulled it off. She proved she is a well-rounded performer. And, I like her.

So my prediction as to who will go home tonight?

Eh. I don't know. Since it's clear Sanjaya isn't going anywhere, who knows. Phil? Haley, finally? I wouldn't be shocked to see Chris Sligh go home, either. Which is really all just very unfortunate because Sanjaya is a tramp.