And then there is GOODNESS.

Dear World,

Hi. It's me. I love you. I came here today to thank you for the BEST NEWS EVER, which I received this morning via email. No, World, I'm not thanking you for the fact that the cut on my forehead has begun to heal. And no, I'm not thanking you for providing me with toilets and also beer bongs.

World, I am thanking you for bringing MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE TO MILWAUKEE on Dec 13. OHMYGOD. And then - THEN - bringing JOHN MAYER TO MADISON on Valentine's Day. HOLY CRAP. I am speechless. World, you must LOVE ME, despite my knack for urinating in places otherwise known as NOT THE BATHROOM, upon things otherwise known as NOT THE TOILET.

Now, World, if you could only grace me with one more thing - just one - you know, other than a huge citation that is going to suck dry any and all of my available funding: MORE MONEY.