And then it snowed, people.

Hi. We here in an undisclosed region of Wisconsin are experiencing our first significant snowfall of the season. What season is this? Fall? Huh. Who would've known...

Anyway, it's snowing. And it's fabulous. And I hear Silent Night playing in my head. Or is it Jingle Bells? Whatever. It's, like, Christmas, people. Right here. In November.

Tonight we're venturing to the town square, because, yes people, we have a town square, for the annual Christmas tree lighting. People talk, there's hot chocolate, and then someone plugs in a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the square and we all "Oooh" and "Aaah" and display general awe for this tree which has been lit.

All I need is a fireplace, a blanket, some hot apple cider, Christmas presents, a million dollars, a cure for cancer, the new Damien Rice CD, a Mazda 3, a house, a Boxer, a free wedding, and seriously people, it will be like Christmas.