And that's why I'm awesome.

Everyone, meet Gavin DeGraw.
Gavin DeGraw, meet Everyone.

OK, and now that we're all acquainted, HI. I have just learned some great news. I share a birthday with Gavin DeGraw. THE Gavin DeGraw. THE Next Best Thing To Jason Mraz (Sorry, Gav. You're close, you really are).

So in light of this fabulous news, and knowing that come February 4, we'll all be celebrating for two, let's all clap and cheer.

Clap, people. Cheer.

Thank you.

Also, according to Mr. DeGraw's website, he is in the studio AS WE TYPE, PEOPLE, creating a new album. O' Holy Day. He expects a January or Febrauary release, by the way. Of course, he'll be releasing it in February in honor of me and my birthday. OUR birthday, excuse me.

I shall leave you with this e-conversation I had with AJ on the topic (Editor's note - parenthetical statements are mine):

Krista: UM, hi, if you need me and Gavin DeGraw, we SO have the same birthday. Yesssss.

AJ: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEally??? It's fate. Jason (she means Jason Mraz, because, hi, we're on a first-name basis with him) and I have the same pillow … and by 'have' I mean share.

(She lies, people. Lies.)