And that's how I vanished from the World Wide Web.

Today was a big step in my transition from longing-to-be-in-college (for no other reason than lack of responsibility) into adulthood. I deleted both my Facebook and my MySpace accounts. Now, mind, I didn't do this because I wanted to, or because I thought there was anything wrong with keeping in touch with long-lost friends via all-too-convenient internet networking sites.

Oh, no. I did it for the same reason I had to privatize this exact blog and literally go into the internet's witness protection program.

When I signed the contract that read: And now you shall form an adult relationship with an adult male human being (and eventually, Heaven forbid, agree to marry him), I forgot to read the fine print that added, And every psycho woman from his past will be there at every turn to make your life a living Hell. Oh, and they also suck. Hardcore. And just when you think they found their own lives, weird, turns out they didn't. And your life will suck until you literally make yourself invisible and lose all contact with any Facebook-ers and MySpace-ers with whom you actually enjoyed keeping in touch with just to remain invisible to said Women of Past. Oh, and furthermore, your blog isn't safe either. Oh, and, you're on your own, honey. Good luck with that.

Shit. Could someone have warned me?

So, this is now my final connection to the outside world. My only way to express myself on the World Wide Web. So look out, it's about to get ugly. Because this is me angry. And MySpace-less. And I JUST updated my profile with new, fabulous pictures to share with all my (unpsychotic) friends. And, dammit, my MySpace page was damn pretty. Dammit. Dammit, dammit, dammit.

So I guess it's time to be an adult, or something, and give up on MySpace. And Facebook. And friends from college's past. Hmph.

But don't worry, this blog isn't going anywhere. Even if I have to change the hyperlink 14 more times, or change my name, or sell body parts on the street (I don't know why I'd have to sell body parts on the street). This is my outlet. And believe me, I need an outlet.

So, yeah. Take that. You, you crazy people.